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So this is Nkechisreviews... my go-to for the unburdening after visits to the coolest and the shadiest, The snazziest and the ‘huh’-est of hangouts in the food and bev, and Health&Beauty industries.

Here’s a bit about what I do

You know how you go to a restaurant or a spa and you know somethings going to be near-perfect but it flops? And you’re gnawing your finger cos you didn’t have to spend that? Well guess who take the dive so you don’t have to...Me, me!!!

I do the walk-through and the tell-all so you make what people like to call an ‘informed decision’.

From the dishes that make u arch your spine in near sensual delight, to the attendant who irks you with their finger to close to to your food on the plate, to the spa that gives you a wedgie in the place of a massage....I’ll tell all. Like ALL. So when you’re thinking of a place to take your special person to, to kick off your heels, to treat that client who sees you as a man with too much starch and so on, I’ve got you, taste buds and wallet covered.

Walk with me

By the way, I’m a Nigerian woman. Itinerant eater, humor seeker and henna aficionado.

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