Nkechi's Reviews started out as a hobby years ago.

It met my need for, and fulfilled a desire for a place to write my opinions about places I'd been to, especially regarding quality of service rendered and whether or not I felt it was worth the money spent (however little or much). I'd also asked friends and colleagues after moving to Abuja for referrals on dining, shopping, entertainment and other services and gotten let down way too many times: in key considerations like the way a place looked, the professionalism of attendants, taste/feel and so much more.

So I figured I would keep my own records and subsequently provide information on existing, new and emerging players in the marketplace.

From just a 'go-to' for friends and family in Abuja, Nkechi's Reviews has gradually grown to be known beyond the initial circle, for honest and evocative reviews. I enjoy writing each piece knowing that the reader can almost feel like they were there through my writings.

Journey with me

Read about the places I love and the experiences ranging from the good to the truly bizarre and everything in between. From the street vendor and itinerant body artist, to fine dining and luxury niche boutique spas, it's a journey to connect business owners with readers through my stories.



The ‘how’ of the experience. This covers expectations of attendants in any visited (physically, via phone, online or other medium) establishment.

This is the ‘what’ we go for. From tasty dishes, to comfortable hotel rooms, from great haircuts and spa experiences, to holidays that have us wide-eyed, this is what the holy grail is all about.

A-ha! Here’s where we look at an establishment’s prices against those of their peers in the industry.

From the seating, to the bathrooms, from lighting to smell...if you think it, we’ll see if it fits what the expectation should be.

Value for money
This is the ‘how likely is it that i would revisit this place and why’ factor.


NR Core Values


for we are at tNR, without bias or prejudice, for or against


tNR reviews are fair and without favoritism, based on criteria against which all experiences are evaluated

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